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Museum, Exhibition

      Kyiv History Education Museum was established according to the board of Education and Science of Kyiv Regional State Administration of 19 January 2001 in Kyiv Regional In – Service Teacher Training Institute as a structural unit of the institute. Legislative base of its activity is Constitution, Ukrainian laws “About education”, “About museums and museum affair”, statute of museum on educational establishment of the system in the Ministry of Education and Science.

        The purpose of the museum is attracting teachers, pupils and students of the region to studying and preservation of historical and educational heritage of its people in the formation of educated and creative personality and the revival and restructuring of the national education system as essential parts of conscious citizens of the Ukrainian state.


  • Research (receiving of new knowledge based on comprehensive study of museum collections);
  • Stock (the formation of the museum funds, ensuring the preservation of museum objects and collections);
  • Exposition and exhibition (the museum's communication function organized by scientific and artistic demonstration of museum objects and collections);
  • Education and training (increasing of the public interest in education history of Kyiv region);
  • Propaganda (to attract a wide range of scientists and researchers to active cooperation);
  • To stimulate creative search of specialists (experts) of educational departments, methodical services, groups of educational establishment, to encourage teachers and students to study the history of the education of native land.

        So, the museum is a centre of education and training of teaching staff. It contributes to the revival of historical heritage of Kyiv region education, the formation of national consciousness, provides spiritual unity of teaching generations and is assigned for the study, preservation and use of material and spiritual culture of the region.


       Its fund has 3715 exhibits. Among them are 384 Support Fund and the 3312 core. 19 museum objects belonging to the State register of national cultural heritage of Ukraine.


The exposition of the museum is built on the following topics:


1. “Education of Kyiv oblast in pre-Christian period.”

2. “Development of Education of Kyiv oblast in the period of Kyivan Rus.”

3. “Education of Kyiv oblast in XIV-XVIII Century."

4. “Education of Kyiv oblast in XIX – early XX century."

5. “Education of Kyiv oblast in the period of the first National Government of Ukraine (1917-1920).”

6. “Development of Education of Kyiv oblast in 20’s of XX century.”

7. “Education of Kyiv oblast in 30’s – early 40’s of XX century.”

8. “Education of Kyiv oblast during World War II. Teachers – participants of World War II.”

9. “Development of Education of Kiev oblast in 50’s – 60’s of XX century.”

10. “Education of Kiyiv oblast in 70’s – 80’s.”

11. “Education of Kyiv oblast during the Independence of the State.”

12. “Development of Elementary Education in Kiev oblast.”

13. “The formation and development of children's and youth organizations in Kyiv oblast.” 

14. “The formation and development of the regional institute of postgraduate education.”


In the museum exposition there is a thematic photo gallery:


“Pedagogical Olympus of Kyiv oblast.” (Teachers – Heroes of Socialist Labor, Honored teachers of Ukraine) (1950 – 2006).

“Ministers of Education, who were born or worked in Kyiv oblast” (1917 – 2006).

“Trustee of Kyiv oblast school district” (1832 – 1917).

“Regional department directors of Education” (1932 – 2006).


Thematic museum exhibitions:


“World of hobbies of Kiev oblast teachers.”

“Creativity of young artists of Kyiv oblast.”

“Educational visual aids made by teachers – practical workers.”

“Teachers of Kyiv oblast, the members of fighting in the World War II.”

“The formation and development of Bila Tserkva Pedagogical College.”

“Children's literature of 50’s – 60’s.”

“Kyiv oblast Pedagogical dynasties.”

“V. O. Suhomlinskiy – Teacher with the world known name.” etc.


We invite you to become participants of the tour “Through the pages of the Museum.”

       There were 10492 visitors in the museum. The guests of the museum were teachers from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Germany, Poland, USA, Canada, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland   and many regions of Ukraine.

     The museum exposition is a peculiar base for pedagogical process.



      Lessons on history, Kyiv region education and history studies, lectures, tours for students, trainings are held in the museum. Museum staff developed thematic excursions.

     Frequent guests are the students of the future teachers university – students of 8-11 grade of secondary education schools, who dream of becoming teachers.

         In 2005, according to the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine the Museum of the History of Education of Kyiv oblast was awarded with the title of “Exemplary museum”.



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