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International School Projects

September and October, 2012
Boryspil “Gymnasium “Perspektyva”. Project “Green Rush– 2012”

With the support of "Green Co" – the national leader of the introduction of innovative technologies in the management of solid waste in Ukraine – an international organization AIESEC in Ukraine started the project “Green Rush” in 2011.

The aim of this environmental project is bringing to the residents of Kyiv and Kyiv region ideas about the relevance and importance of environmental problems, including the introduction of separate collection and recycling of waste.

      In September and October, 2012 teachers and pupils of Boryspil “Gymnasium “Perspektyva” took part in the project “Green Rush– 2012”.   

Two interns: Alexander from Serbia and Mohamed from Tunis came to the gymnasium “Perspektyva”. They worked with children aged 14-16 years old.   They presented educational programs to teachers and pupils focusing on global ecological problems and ecology sustainability. The interns talked about the ecological situation in their country and in Ukraine.They delivered ecological sessions and organized events, such as discussions, presentations. The task was to wake up responsibility for nature in children, to develop an ecological way of thinking. During these ecological lessons the pupils shared ideas how to attract public attention to environmental problems and tried  to find the ways to solve them.

The interns returned home, but the students continue working on these items: they prepare performances trying to explain everybody the importance of environmental problems.

December, 2011 and January, 2012
Boryspil gymnasium "Perspectyva"


World Without Borders is the first National Project based on exchange in Ukraine! The main purpose of WWB is familiarization of Ukrainian youth with other cultures, traditions, life style, liberalize, break stereotypes about people from other countries and open boundless beauty of our planet through direct communication with representatives of other countries.

WWB is held every year, changing hundreds lives of pupils in Kyiv and Kyiv region.

Boryspil gymnasium "Perspectyva" took part in the Project and invited representatives of World Without Borders to the gymnasium.  About 10 interns from different countries such as Turkey, Brazil, Australia, China, Slovenia, Korea and Columbia came to the gymnasium in December, 2011 and January, 2012 and worked as trainers teaching cultural tolerance, personal development and other things that will help children in future. They showed their countries through presenting national traditions, food, history, national clothes and musical instruments. The main goals of these presentations were to show the variety of world’s cultures and to share the idea of cultural tolerance.

More than 60 students from 8-11th grade were lucky to take part in these trainings. They got more knowledge about other cultures, traditions, life style, shared the idea of tolerance.


August, 2011
Obukhiv school #5

International project «European youth»

         International project «European youth» is cooperation between twin towns Obukhiv, Ukraine and Radebeul, Germany. The aim of this project is to establish a friendship relationship between the youth of both countries.

           In April, 2011 a group of teachers and pupils of school #5 were invited in Radebeul, Germany where they had an opportunity to live and to study for two weeks. They had a good chance to visit some of Germany’s most famous sights such as the Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin Wall, and the Madame Tussauds wax museum.

           Their main impression of Germany was its people, who are open, sincere, hospitable and beautiful.

           In August, 2011a group of German students from Radebeul visited Ukraine, Obukhiv. They were invited by the authority of Obukhiv School #5. German guests lived in Ukrainian families and attended lessons of Russian and German in the Ukrainian school.

           The German students have been at Obukhiv School for one week, from August, 28 till September, 07.

          According to the program German guests had an opportunity to visit almost all places of interest in Kyiv. They had a walk along one of the most picturesque streets of Kyiv – a famous St. Andrew's Descent; they visited Mariinskiy palace and Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra. They were impressed by the excursion in The National Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 and the National Museum of Chornobyl. They also visited Obukhiv A. Malyshko’s Museum and the Museum of Archaeology in Trypillia.

          The German students were invited to take part in the celebration of 649th anniversary of Obukhiv town on September 4, where they got a lot of interesting information about our culture.

          It was a great experience for children of both countries to practice their language with native speakers because the language the students could communicate was German and Russian.

          The guests left Ukrainefull of the bright and nice impressions. Children of both countries have really enjoyed making new friends.





Вrovary gymnasium named after S.Oliynyk

iEARN Project, 2011

            iEARN (International Education and Resource Network) is a non-profit organization made up of over 30,000 schools and youth organizations in more than 125 countries. iEARN supports teachers and young people to work together online using the Internet and other new communications technologies. iEARN contains some huge projects such as Learning Circles which at the same time include a lot of interesting highly interactive educational projects. 


The participants of the project
         So 20 students of Вrovary gymnasium named after S.Oliynyk were lucky to take part in one of those projects in 2009.The name of the project was “Bet-Chan Diaries». The initiator and facilitator of the project was Mr. Barry Kramer (the teacher of English from the USA). “Bet-Chan Diaries» joined students from the USA,Azerbaijan, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine into one creative, active and joyful team.


The first publication of the
book (designed by Maria

What do you wish for your country?

(7th grade students)

We wish only goodness

And health and wealth.

And property and kindness

For our Ukraine

We wish our Motherland

From the bottom of our hearts

Never meet enemies

And avoid spite.

Be strong and safe and always free.

Don’t be afraid of anything!

We wish our native land

To have the cleanest rivers

The bluest sky!

Good friends all over the world

And the brightest rainbows in the sky!

       The discussion took place in an atmosphere of mutual trust and understanding. The Circles were based on the children’s book "Bat-Chen Diaries" and focused on the theme: "For Me, Writing is Something Awesome."


       The students worked actively at the project and sent their ideas to the Learning Circle forum at least once or twice a week. Teachers and students systematically planned and shared work related to the project. They also evaluated, selected, and edited the articles they had received for their project. Teachers worked with students in their classrooms to layout and print their sections of the Circle publication. Schools exchanged project reports (electronically) and assembled their Circle publication.


       The purpose of the Circles was to expose children to the values of writing a diary; to encourage young children to write in a reflective and personal manner and express their anxieties, fears and concerns as well as their hopes and dreams. One of the main purposes was to make children understand the importance of saving the PEACE ON THE EARTH.


       The main concrete result of the project that joined 5 countries (United States, Azerbaijan, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine) was the publication of the teamwork “Book of dreams, happiness and peace”

April, 22, 2010,
Bila Tserkva High School#2

      A group of polish students from a town Skoki which is located 39 km from Poznan visited Ukraine, Bila Tserkva on April, 22, 2010.
   The polish students were invited by the authority of Bila Tserkva High School #2.

   The aim of this visiting was to establish a friendship relationship between the youth of both countries.

   The polish students have been at Bila Tserkva High School for 5 days, from April, 22 till April, 27.

   The programme of their visit was very varied.  

   First, they had a good chance to live in Ukrainian families, to get acquainted with Ukrainian culture and family lifestyle.

     Moreover, the students of the polish delegation having spent their free time in the families had an opportunity to taste a Ukrainian cuisine. Best of all our friends liked borshch, varenyky, uzvar. The polish friends say that Ukrainian borshch has no analogues in the world. The polish children are polite, adaptable, energetic and outgoing. The language the students could communicate was English. Although the polish students have only 3 English lessons a week, their English is well.

     Furthermore, the polish students were lucky to attend lessons of Russian, English, History, Maths at High School #2. They were impressed by the technical equipment of the labs, studies and the professional skills of the teachers.

      According to the entertainment programme the polish delegation had a good chance to go an excursion around Kyiv and admire its architecture, to touch upon the ancient history of Bila Tserkva which is chiefly concerned with the Branitskiys.Guests from Poland visited the Town Museum of Bila Tserkva and they were impressed with women’s head-dresses, garments, weapons of ancient times.

 April, 2010The Bila Tserkva School #9
15th Jubilee International Contest “Good Luck”


International children’s competition in English “GoodLuck” is held in Noginsk (Moscow Region) every April. It is organised by the International Centre of Creative Initiative, with the support of Noginsk District Administration and with the help of the British Council in Russia. “GoodLuck” is a unique competition in Russia for children of 10-11 years old.

The Jubilee 15th International Contest was held from 20th till 25th April, 2010. The Pupils of the 5thforms: Dmytro Makovs’ky, Maria Mel’nyk (English teacher Sobyna T.I.), Vladyslava Milonova (English teacher Saienko Zh.I.), Olena Karbylovych (English teacher Tkachuk A.V.) participated in that contest representing.

         “GoodLuck” is not only an educational project as all the contestants are also required to show their knowledge of literature and history, their creativity and artistic abilities. The topic of the contest was “Around the World” and the participants had to demonstrate their own individual perception of travelling around the world.

The most exciting and energetic part of the Competition was the Finale, which was a show-game on the stage for the 16 winners of two preliminary stages where every contestant got points for answering quiz questions.

Among them we are happy to welcome Olena Karbylovych. According to the other Ukrainian contestants Vladimir N. Laptev, Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Head of the Noginsk District Administrastion, Dmytro Makovs’ky, Maria Mel’nyk  and  Vladyslava Milonova were among the best ones and showed their talent for singing and dancing, creativity, as well as their initiative and the abilities to cope with various challenges of the competition.

Each participant was awarded with a diploma of the contest and a present. Awarding the winners of the Finale game with an educational trip has become a tradition of the Competition.

The highest award for 16 final participants is the chance to visit a far-away Capetown, South African Republic. This gives children an exciting possibility to extend their knowledge of the English language and culture.

“GoodLuck” supports talented children with an aim to contribute to the upbringing of professional, artistic and cultural world elite.


Skvyra Lyceum


   The life of Lyceums students and teachers is closely connected with international communication.

     The activities of the  Union  of the Ukrainian youth in America is closely connected with educational establishments of Skvyra districh. Every summer representatives of this association from America, Ukraine, Poland, Estonia come to Skvyra to participate in seminars, trainings, summer camps where they can share their experience, gain communication skills, enrich their outlook, strengthen their health, improve their knowledge of the English languare.

       Many students of Skvyra Lyceum are the members of the  Union  of Ukrainian youth. During the recent years the Lyceum has been visited by the leaders of the American  Union  such as Olena Galkovych, Zenko Galkovych, Juriy Nakonechiy.
       American guests were greatly impressed by the fact, that Ukrainian students produce a good knowledge of English and a great desire to communicate, to make friends with their peers from abroad, to work together in the name of the friendship and cooperation with the young people throughout the world.

       Students of Skvyra Lyceum take part in international projects and campaigns. In February 2010 a group of our students participated in the regional conference "The Youth VS Corruption" which was organized and sponsored by the committee of Zhytomyr Regional Administration and the Fund of Local Initiatives of the Embassy of Canada in Ukraine.

        School author teams from all over Ukraine presented their projects on anti-corruption activities and suggested new traditions of the life of Ukrainian youth free from the "ideology of corruption".

The project of our team was among the best. It is a working web-site.
   Join us and let's change our society for the better!

         The first secretary of the Canadian Embassy in Ukraine Mr. Legro highly appreciated the project of the team of Skvyra Lyceum and promised to meet the students of our Lyceum at his earliest convenience. 
      People of good will from abroad are always welcome to the school. It is visited by the religions groups, educational and scientific societies. The preachers of the American Church of Christ during their meetings with the students speak about the life of the youth in America, about their interests and idols, their activities at school and at leisure time. Pupils have a good opportunity to brush – up their English, gain communication skills, learn about the good and evil, true and false, spiritual and everyday matters.

   Students take part in the writing contests, talk – shows, camping activities organized by the church. 
     The Baptist Church from Holland invites the students to participate in holiday shows, to attend the Sunday school and other ceremonies where the pupils of the Lyceum can enrich their knowledge of English and participate in charity campaigns, holiday trips sponsored by the Church.
     Some students of Skvyra Lyceum continue their education in British and Canadian educational establishments.

Illya Tarasenko is studying and boarding at the Sevenoaks School, situated in the county of Kent, UK.

    He says: "I will spend two years at this school before taking final IB (International Bacheloriate) exams, with the results of which I will be applying to the UK and US Universities. This school is considered to be the best UK IB school and one of the best in the world. To get a place at the Sevenoaks School I had to sit the entrance exams and, therefore, compete with the best students of UK and Europe.

      I believe that only Skvyra Lyceum and its teaching staff gave me a profound knowledge of sciences, Math and English to beat my opponents and to be chosen a student of the Sevenoaks School. I am grateful to all my teachers of Skvyra Lyceum, especially, to my teacher of English Omelchenko G. V., for all they have done to me to have very satisfactory academic results in the process of studying in Britain."


 Summer, 2009
Bila Tserkva School # 9
Final stage of “Good Luck”competition


Vladyslav Bihari, the pupil of the Bila Tserkva In-Depth School # 9 became the finalist of the International children’s competition in English “Good Luck” which was held in Noginsk (Moscow Region) and organized by the International Centre of Creative Initiative, with the help of the British Council in Russia. “Good Luck” is a unique competition in Russia for children of 10-11 years of age.

The main prize for the winners and finalists of the competition was well planned cultural and educational programme to Sydney, the capital of the State of New South Wales, located in the south-east of Australia.

The route to Australia was usual: Boryspil’ – Domodiedovo – Dubai – Sydney.

The flight from Moscow to Dubai took 3 hours. A spacious luxurious liner with all conveniences, computers and modern technology arrived in Sydney after 15 hours of flying. Vlad and his new friends from Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus weren’t bored during the flight as they were flying with one of the best companies in the world that is the United Arab Emirates Airways.

In spite of the fact that it was winter in Australia in August Sydney welcomed the guests with warm weather. Vlad and his friends were impressed with tropical plants, stylish and welcoming surroundings, towering mountains and colossal cliffs, clean fresh air and unpolluted water.

The programme of staying in Australia was both interesting and educational. The children were staying at luxurious hotel in the heart of Sydney which offered them the opportunity to relax in style spacious and elegant rooms, delicious cuisine in the exclusive restaurant catered for their every need.

 Sydney welcomed the children from the European continent. They attended one of the schools in the capital of New South Wales. They were amazed at its modern construction, school equipment, computers, gymnasiums, swimming-pools and playgrounds.

The pupils exchanged their information, expressions, e-mails. They communicated in English without interpreters and understood each other quite well. The cultural programme performed by the students from Europe impressed the Australians a lot.

Then there were loads of excursions round this lovely city. The winners and finalists of the competition “Good Luck” found out that 4 million people from 140 different countries live in this cosmopolitan multicultural city. It was Vlad, who was greatly impressed by the fact that during one of such trips he came across the Ukrainian girl whose parents live in Bila Tserkva district.

Then they were shown the Great Harbour Bridge – the wonder of modern construction, the famous Opera House – the home of the Sydney Symphony orchestra. That evening the delegation was going to the Opera House to listen to the opera “Aida” by Dzh. Verdi. After that they were taken around the Opera House and were impressed by its design and construction.

Sydney is the best known place in New South Wales. In fact, it’s the best known place in Australia. But New South Wales has more than cities. The delegation with Tatiana B. Grebenshchikova, Director of the International Centre of Creative Initiative and Dmitry Samitov, Artistic director and General producer of the “Good Luck” project at the head was taken to the Blue Mountains which are covered with forests of blue coloured eucalyptus trees.

Vlad recollects a visit to Manly by ferry which was a quintessential inner-harbour beach on one side and a popular Pacific Ocean surf beach on the other, Manly manages to combine a laid-back attitude with a sophisticated dining scene.

The palm-tree lined Corso led the children onto the Steyne Promenade, where they could walk, roller-blade, and cycle along the oceanfront North of the city, the beautiful stretch of the coast from Manly to Palm Beach has relaxed beachside ambience and loads of opportunities for recreation. With the Pacific Ocean on one side and Pittwater on the other, the peninsula covers open coast line with great seaside dining, surf beaches, waterways and boatsheds.

Vlad also visited the Art Gallery of New South Wales, which houses a significant collection of Australian art, the Museum of Contemporary Art which focuses on contemporary art.

The Europeans visited the site of the first farm. Thirty hectares of lawns, gardens and exotic plants belong to the Royal Botanical Gardens.

Wombats and koalas, unpopular in Australia spiders, sharks, different types of jellyfish, dingoes, cane toads, crocodiles, penguins, turtles, seals, possums, variety of lizards were seen in a number of museums visited by the finalists of the International Children’s competition in English “Good Luck”.

May, 2009
Bila Tserkva School # 9
Meeting with American Students


The American guests

          On May, 19 our school welcomed the students from Bob Jones University which is located in Greenville, South Carolina under the direction of Dr. Nick Uwarow. They represent Ukraine Mission Team in Ukraine, the main aim of which is charity and help to orphans, children from boarding schools and the elderly. Every two years   Dr. Uwarow brings the Mission Team to Bila Tserkva and it has become a good tradition to visitSchool # 9. As usual pupils from 8th and 10th forms took part in the meeting discussing the problems of the youth in our countries and exchanging opinions.
After the introduction the pupils divided into small communication groups and asked each other questions which they were interested in. The meeting was held in the atmosphere of hospitality and friendliness.

The leader of the Mission Team
Dr.Nick Uwarow with his wife Bette

We have made friends

Working in groups

            Most of the American guests are visiting Ukraine for the first time and they are impressed by the Ukrainian cuisine, our traditions, the capital Kyiv and Ukrainian museums.

At the end of the meeting the students took photos with each other and exchanged addresses so that they could continue communicating in future.

Adam Robitaille is visiting Bila Tserkva for the second time

The American and Ukrainian students with their teachers


 April, 2009
Bila Tserkva School # 9
“GOOD LUCK” project


    At the end of April an International contest for the young learners of English  named “GOOD LUCK” was held in the town of Noginsk. The pupils of the 5th form Vladyslav Bigari and Irina Sukchets’ka took part in that contest representing a specialized school #9 where they study.
The topic of the contest was “BEAUTY WILL SAVE THE WORLD” and the participants had to demonstrate their own individual perception of beauty.
The contest was divided into 2 main parts:

1) various language tests including writing, listening and speaking (an interview with a native speaker);

2) a creative contest in which the participants demonstrated their artistic skills, a talent and their creative abilities.

According to the final decision of the jury 14 participants (out of 77) reached the peak of the contest, e.d. its final point. Among them we are happy to welcome our Ukrainian participant Vladyslav Bigari.

       Each participant was awarded with a diploma of the contest and a present.

        But the highest award for 14 final participants is a chance to visit a far-away Australia. This journey is planned to be held in August.       



Septemrer, 2008 – May, 2009
Bila Tserkva School # 1 Cooperation with Polish colleagues


     In 2008 a school specialized in Slavic language was founded. Students of this school learn Russian, Polish and Bulgarian. Much attention is paid to extra-curricular activity of the students.
School 1 has established cooperation with the educational establishments of Tarnov and Ostrovets, twin towns of Bila Tserkva in Poland. Students of the school are participants of the “Slavic Brotherhood” Euro club.
Meetings and sharing experience of the teachers of the school with their Polish colleagues became a tradition, they have an unrivalled opportunity to learn from each other’s policy, practice and research. Professor Bozhena Mensyakfrom Poland works at school and teaches Polish language and culture to Ukrainian students.

In 2008 the students of the school took part in Summer school of Polish in the town of Victorov (Poland), visited children’s festival in Tarnov. In March, 2009 a group of students participated in the ХІІ All- Poland and ХІ International Contest named after Vladislav Bronevsky, where they win the third place. The events were co-sponsored by Bila Tserkva Z. Krasynsky Society of Polish Culture and Polish Community.  
A festival of Slavic culture is held every year in the school. In May 2009 Magdalena Okay, vice-council of the Republic of Poland in Ukraine, participated in this event.


March, 2008 – May, 2009

Obukhiv specialized school #5



        If you want to be a progressive person you need to learn foreign languages. So, creative teachers and  pupils of the specialized school #5 Obukhiv have been taking part in the International competitions and projects. We are telling you about some of them .For 6 years specialized school #5 has been one of main schools in our region for working with volunteers of Peace Courp. They presented their project “Ecological problems in Obukhiv and their solutions” in English at town conference and got the first price.


        Our children like travelling more then learning that’s why we’ ve begun the project «Тravel and study» The main point is – if you study well, you’ll be a participant of this programme. Pupils and language teachers of the specialized school #5 for two years have visited 15 European countries. They had the opportunity to study at schools of London.

In March 2008  a group of pupils visited 3 northern capital-cities St.Petersburg, Helsinki and Stockholm.

It was a wonderful chance for improve English and German. They’ll never forget the world of Astrid Lindgren – Junibacken, Vasa Museum, Stadshuset and so on. It was fantastic experience to visit the fairy water-park in Turku, when it’s freezing cold. 

In May 2008 our pupils traveled throughout Poland, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and England.

Nowadays it is possible to travel from country to country, from coast to coast. Pupils of our school could discover for themselves a world of wonder, travelling throughout Europe: Poland, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and England. Our first hotel in Poland.

Typical  British school.
Our  teacher-Hilary Heffernan.
Students have received their Certificates.

Velyka Dymerka school, Brovary district
Ecological project “Ukraine-Poland


The project started in 2008 when Polish delegation including the authorities of the town of Dombe came to Velyka Dymerka. In summer 2009 there was students’ exchange. Students from Dombe and V.Dymerka lived in host families and developed the project: had lectures on environmental protection, forest classes on the educational path Grabina; visited the recycling plant Pontniv; researched the ecological systems of Slesinsky lakes, the Varta canal,Koninski electric power stations, the use of geothermal water; went on excursions to the salt mines, nature parks, Kaniv, Chernihiv, Kyiv.

Velyka Dymerka school,Brovary district
Partnership Velyka Dymerka school – Lowton Community college, the UK

Partnership Velyka Dymerka school – Lowton Community college, the UK.

The project started in 2007 after we registered our school on the Global Gateway. English teachers Anna and Paul Yates came to V. Dymerka school four times ,they participated in our extra-curricular activity program, taught lessons, brought some teaching materials. Ukrainian students made a film about their school and the English children could learn a lot of information about Ukrainian system of education. Students can exchange emails and letters. At Food Technology lessons English children cook Ukrainian dishes using the recipes translated into English by the Ukrainian students.


Fastiv schools #4 and #9

Teaching of English language as a foreign language”, “Give hope to children” Projects



The volunteers of the Peace Corps have been working for two years in Fastiv schools #4 and #9. They have worked with such projects as “Teaching of English language as a foreign language” and “Give hope to children”. Both these programs lasted for more than two months, during which young Americans have learned how to co-operate with Ukrainian colleagues, and also they got knowledge and skills which they may need for successful two year work for the good of Ukraine.

The co-operation with volunteers from the Peace Corps was interesting and useful for both sides. Young Americans had great opportunity to feel our hospitality, comprehensive support and interest in work of the Peace Corps USA in Ukraine. Such projects make an important contribution into a process of professional and cultural exchange between the USA and Ukraine.

During the program volunteers lived in families and studied our language. It helped in communication and understanding of each others life. They conducted lessons and  developed different projects.

The group #35 held the party of American cuisine, during which everyone who was interested could buy and taste various dishes cooked by Americans. All the money that was collected that evening went into the fund of school #4.

Irpin Secondary School # 2 Specialized for Economics and Law
International Programs

   International Technical Assistance Project “Junior Achievement Ukraine”.
Pilot project teaching course “Applied Economics at Secondary Schools and Similar Institutions” (“Enterprise in Action”, “International Market”, “International Business Ethics”)
School inculcates Programs for Economic Education in an educational process. It is supported by International Fund “Euro-Asia” and Agency for International Development of the USA in the frames of the Program “Junior Achievement Ukraine”.
Students of the school get basic economic knowledge, learn how to make decisions in modern market relations.

“Good Starts with You”. The winner of Good Projects of the Program of International Charity Fund “Ukraine 3000”.

The students and teachers of the school work upon projects “Live Energy” and “Let Me Your Paw, My Friend” in the   frames of the International Charity Fund “Ukraine 3000”.
The goal of the Program is the revival of charity traditions in Ukraine.

Program of International Educational Association “Debate”
unites International Educational Debate Associations of 26 countries. This program has support and approving responds of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, State Committee in Affairs of Family and Youth of Ukraine and Representation of Children’s Fund UNO.

The command of Irpin Specialized Secondary School for Economics and Law is an active member of debate movement in Ukraine. They have high achievements for development of speaking skills, critical thought and skills of public speech.

The participants of debate club were winners of region and national tournaments.

Joint Program of Charity Organization “Teachers for Democracy and Partnership” and Swedish Organization “Global National Plan”.


The school works in the frames of Ukrainian-Swedish Project which is supported by Swedish Organization “Global National Plan”.

“Ecodemiya” is education for sustainable development.

The goal is an introduction of national model of education for sustainable development in Ukrainian schools, stimulation of getting knowledge, forming necessary skills and habits, lifestyle and behavior which provide sustainable development of family, community, country and the whole humanity.

Cambridge English Readers Creative Writing Competition

Three students of the school took part in the Cambridge English Readers Creative Writing Competition.

The goal was developing the student’s creative writing skills. The task was to call on the students’ own knowledge of characters and plot, as well as their own imaginations to come up an alternative final five paragraphs to any of the “Cambridge English Readers”.

The role as teachers was to guide them through the activity of re-writing the final five paragraphs and to ensure that they write in the style and at the level of the “Cambridge English Readers” they have chosen.

Three runners –up of our school received Cambridge English Readers Certificates of High Level Standard of English skills.


Participation in the Program “Generation 21”.

Students of the school took part in the Program “Generation 21”.

The goal of the Program is creating of children multimedia presentations with assistance of “Siemens”.


Brovary School #5

Renovation of partnership: common study and scientific researches

International seminar “Renovation of partnership: common study and scientific researches” was held on 26.06.2008 in specialized school #5. Professors from Iowa State University, scientists from the foreign languages faculty of Nizhyn State University, pedagogical stuff of specialized school #5 Brovary participated in the seminar. The seminar was targeted at the renewal of the ties with foreign partners for scientific researches and study.     

The seminar was held within the framework of the project “Renovation of partnership: common study and scientific researches”. The project is held by the Iowa State University, Nizhyn Gogol State University, Ukraine, Specialized school #5 Brovary, Kyiv Region, Ukraine. The project was a continuation of the similar project held between Nizhyn University and Iowa in 2000-2003.

Research programme:

  1. Feedback technologies: teacher – pupil in the studying process.

  2. Practically-oriented scheme of the foreign language teacher preparation in the USA and Ukraine.

  3. Modern approaches to introduction of interactive technologies in the study of foreign languages

 In the course of the seminar Lesyta Hassal spoke about Iowa State University. She emphasized that the yardstick of the society is knowledge which can be obtained by means of interactive technologies. Iowa State University is one of the world centres of information technologies introduction, therefore in the framework of cooperation with Nizhyn State University and school #5 common researches in this field are carried out. Notwithstanding all the biases of the western countries as for the level of Ukrainian education, the USA guests were pleasantly surprised with the level of Ukrainian pupils’ knowledge.