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International Programs and Projects

1. Project “Technical and Professional Support of Medical and Social Stuff in Ukraine” (NGO “Amicidei Bambini”, “Step by Step” All-Ukrainian Fund).

2. Implementation of the optional course "Social Studies" of the International Red Cross Committee.

3. "Teaching English as a Foreign Language" (TEFL) of USA Peace Corps.

4. International projects "The Global Gateway", "Science across the world" (British Council).

5. "In-Service Education of English Teachers" (British Council)

6."Ukrainian-American grants for Excellence in Teaching" (TEA) (American Councils).

7. Exchange Program of Future Leaders (FSA-FLAX) (American Councils)

8. "Management of Cultural and Religious Diversity though Education" (Councils of Europe).

9. Educational Program «Intel® Learning for Future» (Intel Ukraine Microelectronics Ltd).

10. Project «1 pupil–1 computer» (INTEL Program «World Ahead»).

11. "Sharing Experience in Teaching German" (Association of Ukrainian Germanizes).

12. Project "Methodology of work with the textbooks of "Hueber" publishing house.

13. Project "Development of In-Service Education of English Teachers" (IATEFL).

14. Project "Teaching German as a Foreign Language" (Gete Institute).

15. Project "In-Service Education of French Teachers" (French Culture Center).

16. Project  "IEARN (International Education and Resource Network)" (Windows on the World).

17. International Project "European network of health protection schools" (Councils of Europe).

18. Program «Social and Psychological Rehabilitation of Children who were victims of violence» (“Woman Association of Ukraine” NGO).

19. Programs «Country Studies – Peoples of Ukraine», «Great World of a Small Child» (Western Ukraine Association “Ukrainian Heritage”).

20. Projects of Charity Center “Escape”.

21. Project "Social Adaptation of HIV-infected "All-Ukrainian “Social Community Council”.

22. Project "Future Starts Today" (NGO “School Project in Ukraine”).

23. “Development of Exclusive Education Centers” Program.

24. “School as a Center of Community Development” Program (“Step by Step” All-Ukrainian Fund).

25. “Social Adaptation of Children with Special Educational Needs” (“Step by Step” All-Ukrainian Fund).

26. “Peculiarities of Development of Healthy Lifestyle” (Kyiv City Health Center, European Commission).

27. “European Network of Schools of Health Protection” (European Commission, European Bureau of World Heath Organization).

28. Dutch programs on Struggle against People Market in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe (International Women Law Center “La Strada – Ukraine”)

29. Programs on Civil and Law Youth Education “Teachers for Democracy and Partnership” (“Practical Law” and “Civil Rights” courses).

30.  Programs on Civil and Law Youth Education (“We are Ukraine Citizens”, “Live According to Laws”, “Learning to Be Citizens”) (All-Ukrainian Association of History and Social Studies Teachers “New Epoch”).

31. European Union Project “Support of European Clubs in Ukraine” (All-Ukrainian Social Organization “Ukrainian Association of European Clubs”).

32. Representatives of Charity Organization “To Every Child” in Ukraine.

33. Programs on Students’ Parents Teaching (All-Ukrainian Association of Students’ Parents, Kyiv Regional Department).

34. Program on Support of Youth Education on Health Lifestyle in Ukraine “Equal to Equal”.

35. Project “Learning English with Express Publishing Books” (FolioCenterCom).

36. Project “Learning English with Longman Books” (Representatives of Pearson Education).

37. Project “Learning English with Oxford University Press Books” (Representatives of Oxford University Press).

38. Project “Learning English with Macmillan Books” (Representatives of Macmillan).

39. Project “Learning English with Cambridge University Press Books” (Representatives of Cambridge University Press).

40. Program “Preparation of Teacher Trainers on Economics Basics” (Ukrainian Council on Economics Education, National Council (TCEE), USA).

41. Project “UNESCO School Association” (World UNESCO Association).

42. Ukrainian-Holland Project “Social and Economics Knowledge and Civil Education” (“Step by Step” All-Ukrainian Fund).

43. Ukrainian-Polish Project “Leaders of Education Initiatives” (Charity organization “Center of Education Initiatives”).

44. Ukrainian-Swedish Project “Education for Constant Development” (Embassy of Sweden in Ukraine, “Global Activity Plan” NGO).

45. Ukrainian-Swiss Project “Support of Education and Democratic Citizenship Development in Ukraine”.

46. TEMPUS IV, Project "Teather Training for Primary and Secondary Education in the Eastern Europe: Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine"