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Kyiv Regional In – Service Teacher Training Institute 

The institute was founded in 1999 as a regional educational, scientific-methodical, informative and co-ordinating center of continuing professional development of educators. The main task of the institute is to qualify teachers to meet modern requirements.

The educational system of the Kyiv Oblast consists of different establishments:
• preschool education (766 establishments);
• universal secondary education (750 establishments);
• extracurricular education (58 establishments);
• professional-technical education (26 establishments);
• higher education (29 establishments).

Rector of Institute – Natalia Benderets, PhD.

Annually over 5 thousand teachers attend in-service courses in the following categories and specialties: preschool, elementary, secondary, extra-curricular, and professional-technical at Kyiv Regional In – Service Teacher Training Institute.

In-service courses consist of the following types: daily, individual, periodical, semi-distance learning, distance learning, and short-term courses with a credit system according to the Bologn process. These courses take into account not only the personal queries of every attendee but also socio-economic conditions specific to every district or city.

Among teachers, on-site training focusing on specific problems or themes are popular.

There are 39 distant-learning programs to meet the necessities of teachers in different specialties from different regions. These programs include textbooks in each specialty with electronic variants presented on the web-page of the institute. The Center for Distance Learning co-ordinates these programs. Upon the numerous requests of teachers, students, taking into consideration the approach of equal access to quality education for all students, the stuff of the institute initiated development of distance courses for students. These courses are based also on the results of evaluation of education quality in different aspects.

About 300 events annually are carried out between training courses :
• National and regional seminars (educational, scientific, methodological, applied, and practical);
• Conferences (instructional, methodological, and scientific);
• Round tables discussions, and textbook and material development meetings;
• Meetings of creative groups, trainings, master-classes, workshops of master teachers, and meetings
of special interest groups.

During a school year, through the coordinated efforts of all 36 regional pedagogical centers, over 25 thousand educators are impacted.

In the field of preschool education basic attention is concentrated on innovating the network of educational establishments, in particular joining general schools with preschools, and improving the organization of the educational process.
Priority is given to improving the results of the educational process by implementing modern information systems and technologies in universal secondary education.

Although 73% of the schools of the Kyiv Oblast are located in rural areas, only 39% of all the students of the Kyiv Oblast study in them. A considerable portion of rural schools consist of “small-complex” schools-grades 1 through 11. Before implementing a new system of small-complex schools throughout the nation, a program approved by the Department of Education and Science of Ukraine was carried out in the Kyiv Oblast.

To meet the needs of gifted students, new types of educational establishments were created in Kyiv Oblast: 16 high schools, 13 lyceums, and  26 specialized schools.  private schools also function.

There are 15 boarding schools and 30 orphanages for children deprived of paternal care.
On the initiative of the management of education and science of Kyiv Oblast, a network of establishments which only house orphans, who attend regular schools, was created – only 30, which house more than a thousand children. These were the first of their kind carried out in Ukraine.

In the field of extracurricular education considerable professional work is conducted in both rural and urban schools concerning the development of gifted children, orphans and children deprived of paternal care.

Professional-technical educational establishments prepare young people in a variety of professions to meet the needs of the current labor market.

Special attention is also given to working with gifted children. Research, development and support of talented children and teenagers stimulate the creative development of young people. Annually over 7 thousand students in the Kyiv Oblast take part in different competitions, tournaments and contests on regional and national levels.

Including on-site courses, events between the courses, and work with gifted children, over 35 thousand people a year are served by the institute.

Scientific research concerning the development of the philosophy of education, pedagogy, psychology, sociology, and culture studies are conducted which support the regional system of education.
Publishing is a substantial activity of the institute. Since its foundation, over 200 different sorts of editions (manuals, textbooks and others) have been published, prepared by professors, teachers and methodologists of the institute and regional teachers. A considerable part of the materials have been approved by the Department of Education and Science of Ukraine.


 The institute operates a museum-exhibition complex covering the history of the formation of Kyiv Oblast, presenting the permanent exhibit “The Modern Formation of Kyiv Oblast”, where the best work of methodological departments, establishments of education, and leading educators of the region are presented.


The Institute works hard to integrate instructional activities among primary schools, secondary schools, higher-education establishments, extra-curricular schools, and scientific establishments in order to provide all educational establishments with qualified educators.


Kyiv Regional In – Service Teacher Training Institute gained the reputation of being a leading institution of post – graduate teacher education of Ukraine. For this success KRISTTI was rewarded with the gold medals “Modern education in Ukraine – 2008”, “Modern education in Ukraine – 2009” and Grand Prix “Leader of In-Service Teacher Education of Ukraine”.


The institute develops international cooperation in the spheres of in-service education, life-long education and on-line education. KRISTTI effectively participates in more than 40 international programs and projects. The institute has agreements of collaboration with many institutions of post-graduate education from Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Canada and the USA. KRISTTI has a creative community of scientists and educators dedicated to the modernization of teaching techniques by using new technologies and creating international links.

We are a recognized Ukrainian authority on in-service teacher education. Our work is driven by a commitment to professionalism, enthusiasm for creativity and our strong belief in internationalism. These qualities, coupled with our integrity and our conviction that cultural relations can help individuals and the world community to thrive, make Kyiv Regional In-service Teacher Training Institute an outstanding partner.