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Improve your English with our English Conversation Classes

Academy of In-Service Education is hosting Conversation Classes. One class is geared for the needs of young learners – from third to ninth forms – while the other class is for adult learners, from 15 years and up.  Classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays on the first floor of the Academy; the young learners meet between 10 and 12, while the adult class meets from 17 to 18.30.

Our English Conversation Classes have been specifically developed to help improve your English speaking skills and to build up your confidence during day-to-day interactions. You may have great writing, reading and listening skills but find holding a conversation extremely difficult; if this sounds like you, then our spoken English class is ideal.

Our English Conversation course focuses on a variety of situations and will include a range of teaching methods to improve your skills such as role plays, debates, group discussions and presentations. When you have completed your spoken English lessons, you should have a better vocabulary and have improved your fluency, accuracy, pronunciation and listening comprehension.

We will encourage you to try your English in a variety of situations so that you can progress more quickly.