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On 3-5 October 2016, a national seminar-training “Development of Citizenship Competences in Ukraine” (DOCCU) took place

On 3-5 October 2016, on the base of the Academy of In-Service Education a national seminar-training “Development of Citizenship Competences in Ukraine” (DOCCU)  took place. The  seminar  was organized in the  framework  of  Swiss-Ukrainian educational project “Development of civil competences in Ukraine”  and  aimed at the development of  the civic competences for the participants from 6 pilot regions of Ukraine  ( Dnipropetrovsk, Poltava, Luhansk, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk and Kherson).

The seminar was opened  by Ivan Osadchiy,  rector of the Academy of In-Service Education. He  made an introductory welcoming speech and  noted that the experience of Kiev region in the development of teacher′s and school principle′s civic competences, gained  in the  framework  of  DOCCU, will be extended to the 6 new regions of Ukraine.

Natalia Benderets, first deputy rector of the Academy of In-Service Education, described the basic concepts and principles of education for democratic citizenship and human rights.

Rolf Gollob, co-chairman of the Center for International Projects in Education of Zurich Pedagogical University, Council of Europe expert presented the goals and structure of the training for participants and  introduced all participants to the stages and forms of project implementation.

The following issues were discussed during the training:

  • a political cycle model: politics as a process of social problems solving
  • citizenship competences: key concepts
  • citizenship competences formation methods
  • meaning and usage of SWOT-analysis in management.

During the seminar all the participants practiced interactive learning technologies, took an active part in the debates and discussed advantages and risks of democracy.

NOTE. It should be mentioned that the project “Development of Citizenship Competences in Ukraine” (DOCCU) is supported by the Council of Europe on EDC / HRE  and is carried out by the National Academy of Public Administration,  the President of Ukraine (National Academy) and the Zurich University of Teacher Education and its Centre for International Projects in Education (IPE) on the base of the Agreement on technical and financial cooperation between the Ukrainian Government and the Government of the Swiss Confederation. The pilot initiative of the Council of Europe on the implementation of the Charter on education on democratic citizenship and human rights (on EDC/ HRE principles) is aimed at the involvement of local government bodies, headmasters and  teachers of  secondary educational  establishments in the  development of  democratic society.

In the frame of the Swiss-Ukrainian Initiative “Development of Citizenship Competences in Ukraine” (DOCCU) the seminars were successfully carried out for the heads of regional educational and methodological departments. The main idea of the Initiative is to assist Ukraine in creation of proper conditions for the formation of a Ukrainian citizen who is characterized by European values, democratic culture, citizenship, responsibility, willingness to participate actively in public and social life.


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