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Kyivskiy Oblast Pedagogical Institute for Continuing Teacher Education is hosting Summer English Conversation Classes

Kyivskiy Oblast Pedagogical Institute for Continuing Teacher Education is hosting Summer English Conversation Classes. One class is geared for the needs of young learners – from  third to ninth forms- while the other class is for adult learners, from 15 years  and up.  Classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays on the first floor of  the Institute; the young learners meet between 10  and 12, while the adult class meets from 17 to 18.30.

The classes are developed to strengthen conversation and listening skills using focusing on day to day situations. Some of the topics introduced in the adult class dealt with meeting and greeting other people in formal and informal situations, making small talk, and describing routine activities. Other topics will include discussing workplaces and professions, educational systems, traveling and entertainment. After eliciting vocabulary and presenting new words and idioms, we use different role playing in pairs and groups to practice the new phrases. Review of basic grammar rules is included as necessary. There is plenty of lively conversation as participants prompt  and encourage each other.

The young learners’ class includes using games, songs and movement to engage children’s interest and encourage them to repeat patterns and phrases in English. Each class has its own theme ranging from “a day at the beach” to “outer space.” One day may focus on describing qualities of a super hero (and ourselves), while the next day will reinforce common action verbs in the present continuous. In order to strengthen the children’s understanding, we will use the verbs in the classroom, and then go outside to run, skip jump and hop in relay races or obstacle courses. Creative work is also encouraged when pupils design their own “Super Hero” and will create a comic strip story for their hero. We don’t have much time to sit down in our Young Learners Class!

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