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3 February, 2015. Bila Tserkva, Kyiv Regional In-Service Teacher Training Institute. Methodological seminar for English Language Teachers by Robert Hartigan

Methodological seminar "How to Prepare Senior Students for Exams" took place at Kyiv Regional In-Service Teacher Training Institute (Ukraine) on 3 February, 2015.

The seminar was held by the leading Irish teacher-trainer Robert Hartigan who shares his English teaching experience with colleagues around the world. The event was supported by the education services company Pearson (Longman) and a publishing company Dinternal.

The following questions were discussed during the workshop:

– using authentic materials to motivate upper-intermediate students and consolidate their language skills;
– the combination of vocabulary with writing, speaking, listening and reading skills;
– using English Profile and Corpus data in exam preparation materials.

The workshop was attended by 120 English Language Teachers of Kyiv Region. Participants received prizes and certificates.